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January 11 --

Post-Holiday Party

and Business Meeting

February 8 --

Steven Womack

Fade Up From Black 

March  8 --

Book Discussion

The Other Black Girl

April 12 --

Cate Moore

Bog Bodies

May 10 --

John DeDakis

Writing Key Scenes

June 14 --

Peggy O'Neal Peden

Gone Missin'

July 12 --

Ron Demmans

Eminent Domain

August 9 --

Book Discussion

The Thursday Club Murders

September 13 --

Carmen Amato



October 14-16 --

Southern Festival of Books

October 29 --

Killin' It on the Farm


November 8 --

JuLee Brand

W Brand Publishing

December 13 -- 

Book Discussion

Five Decembers


January 10 --

Post-Holiday Blues Party

February  --

February Fun

McAlister's Deli

March  14 --

Almost Ides of March

Current Projects

April 11 --

Book Discussion

No One Will Miss Her

May 9 --

Sara Wigal,

Belmont Prof.

& Marketing Expert

June 13 --

Clay Stafford

Killer Nashville

July 11 --

Kelly Brown

Former ATF agent

August 8 --

Book Discussion

Blacktop Wasteland

September 12 --

Bob Mangeot

Short Stories

October 21-22 --

Southern Festival of Books

November 14 --

Book Discussion

The Maid


December 12-- 

Kari Barnhart

Studio Bank



January 9 --

Post-Holiday Blues Party

and Business Meeting

February 13--

Q&A with Stephen Womack

March  12 --

Clay Stafford & Stephen Womacj

Conference 101

April 9 --

Book Discussion

Your House Will Pay

by Steph Cha

May 14 --

Sara Wigal

Why You Need an Intern and How to Get One at Low or No Cost

June 11 --

McCracken Poston

Zenith Man: Death Love and Redemption in a Georgia Courtroom

July 9 --

Lois Winston

Author, Former Agent

Top 10 Reasons a Manuscript is Rejected

August 13 --

Book Discussion

September 10 --

Social Event and Conference Decompression

October 8 --

Preparation & Planning Meeting for Southern Festival of Books

November 12 --

Speaker TBA

Forensic/Law Enforcement 

December 9 -- 

Book Discussion


Beth (Jaden) Terrell

Clay Stafford, Killer Nashville

Diane Harsha, FBI


Andy van Roon, FilmCom

Lori Rader-Day

Sara Wigal

Joe Richie

Julia Spencer-Fleming

Dr. Mike Tabor, Forensics

Mark Maxwell

Sheila Wysocki, Cold Case PI

Tom Thurman, D.A.

R.J. Jacobs

Jennie Bentley

J.T. Ellison

Rea Frey

Elaine Viets

Erica Wright

Alan Bradley

Phyllis Gobbell

Carolyn Haines

Diane Kelly

Bren McClain

Jason Miller

Peggy O'Neal Peden

Jane Sevier

Steven Womack

Lisa Wysocky





You have a story to tell

or you wouldn't be here.

Let's help you tell it.



Now and then,

we've put

our chapter experts

in front of

cool prospective writers.

What happens?

Well, chocolate.


But so much more...


Three writers

and their notebooks.

Weekend Night Court. Nashville, y'all.

The ideas began...

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