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Growing up in Louisville, I learned crucial things: in this life you’re either born bleeding Cardinal Red or Wildcat Blue; Mint Juleps are only for tourists on Derby Weekend; and most importantly, I always believed I would call that weird old town home.

I was convinced of that last part right up until I moved to Nashville and discovered a person can have many homes in this world. Nashville became my adopted home, and writing my creative home, and our small-but-mighty chapter a home among friends.

I’ve been part of the gang for a few years now and your Veep since 2014. I come into this new role honored and a little humbled, not least because Beth leaves (but not far, now) our chapter in great shape. Coin in the bank, new stuff going on, cool people to be around. My deepest thanks for that all she does for us and for the local writing scene.

My great thanks too for serving with such a terrific Board like Barb, Ken and Lisa. We don’t always see the effort they put into the banking, column-writing and logistics, but they take time out of busy lives to do it.

I’m excited about the next leg of our journey. Because our great home here can be as special a part of our writing lives as we decide to make it. All of us, together as a chapter.

Let’s grow our connection to our community. Let's promote diversity. It matters in fiction and in life. It just does. Let's adopt libraries. Let's bring the meaning and benefits of Sisters in Crime internationally here to our hometown. Let’s connect writers and readers. At work someone might call that a value proposition, and in Kentucky a smart bet. Here, let’s just call it having fun.


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