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SinCers at Beth T event at Parnassus Jun

We are committed to the craft of writing and forming a diverse and fun community of those who love a good book.

We are Middle Tennesseans all, women and men, readers and writers, published and unpublished, just plain good people.

Annual dues are $10. National membership is required prior to joining us, and chapter membership is required to be featured on chapter panels and other special events.

Our membership form and instructions are here.

SFoB 2016 sinc1.jpg


Our monthly meetings run the gamut from author talks to law enforcement presentations to group book discussions. We keep things lively and informal. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month, currently 6pm at the Härth Restaurant in the Green Hills Hilton, or occasionally here and there in town.

And we're not only about monthly meetings. Once a year(ish) we host an author showcase panel at a local library or a national speaker. We've done field trips for firearms education and a little thing we call "A Snort and Some Court," where a small group of Sisters and Misters have a beverage of choice and then sit in on Metro Nashville Night Court.






Officers are elected annually by a quorum of chapter membership.


Current chapter officers are:

President: Ashley Sargeant Hagan

Vice President: Joe Morris

Secretary/Treasurer: Robert Mangeot

Events Chair (new!): recruiting...

Member Chair (new!): recruiting...

Publicity Chair: Lisa Wysocky

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